We fulfil any your request in an eye wink

Since 1990 Dino Plast has been designing and developing seats with shapes and features customized according to the customer?s needs. Thanks to the most recent technology, including the software for the creation and CAD/CAM conversion of the projects and for the fast realization of products by means of a 3D printer, Dino Plast is now able to develop a new model in less than 60 days.

  • Our technical/sales team receives instructions by the Customer.
  • Develop of drawings and digital renders.
  • Realization of prothotype in ABS with 3D printer.
  • Production of the mould.
  • Supply of the first sample directly from the mould.
  • Chromium-plating of the mould.
  • Starting of the production.


Strong, burn and scratch resistant, totally waterproof (even towards moderately aggressive liquids), cheap and smoothly and fluidly designed. Thanks to these unique characteristics, our thermosetting toilet seat, which has always been the first choice for public services, hospitals, communities and schools, is now perceived as an ideal solution for the house as well. The thermosetting toilet seat of Dino Plast is completely made up of Antibacterial Urea-formaldehyde, a pure cellulose-derived material, being totally aseptic and resistant to part of the most common pathogens. The Dino Plast range of thermosetting toilet seats includes both universal models and models designed and realized for a specific w.c.-bowl.

All our products undergo rigid internal quality tests, aimed at removing appearance or operation defects. The quality standards and the tests made by Dino Plast are developped and performed in compliance with normal European standards proposed by NF240 e DIN-19516.